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Why Is Detecting Oral Health Problems Early in Children So Important?

October 13, 2023

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Baby smiles

A child’s oral health starts developing early on, and these early years do much to set the stage for their well-being throughout the rest of their life. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dentist’s appointment by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth erupting. Here’s what these early-life dental exams can do to help keep your child happy and healthy for decades to come.


How Long Is the Recovery For a Frenectomy?

August 9, 2023

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child with a tongue tie

Finding out that your child needs a frenectomy may not be the best news you’ll hear; however, knowing that the procedure is quick and virtually painless helps to reduce fears for you and your child. But exactly how long will it take for them to recover? What can you and your child expect in the days and weeks after surgery? To help answer these questions, a pediatric dentist is here to explain what you can expect when it comes to the timeframe for your little one to begin using their lip and/or tongue normally.


Can Silver Diamine Fluoride Minimize the Risk of Cavities?

July 14, 2023

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Your child’s smile deserves optimal protection. Because their oral hygiene habits are still developing, and their diets often consist more of sugar than greens, cavities can easily form, creating potential problems for their future smiles. Fortunately, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is now being used by dental professionals more and more to not only treat cavity-stricken teeth but minimize the possibility of future ones forming. Read on to learn more about SDF and what it can do to improve your child’s smile.


FAQs About Sedation Dentistry for Kids, Answered!

June 15, 2023

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Mom and son smiling while talking to dentist

Does your child have a fear of needles? Do they struggle with dental-related anxiety or have a condition that makes it near impossible for them to stay calm and comfortable in the treatment chair? If so, you may have heard that dental sedation can help. Whether you’re considering nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or general anesthesia, it’s completely normal to have questions on your mind beforehand. The good news is that you can learn the answers to frequently asked questions about sedation dentistry for kids right here!


How to Remove a Loose Baby Tooth

May 27, 2023

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excited child with a missing tooth

Losing the first teeth is a memorable occasion for both children and their parents. It’s a right of passage, and it’s one of the first indicators that your little baby is starting to get older.

However, this can also present a little bit of a problem for parents who wonder when and how to help the tooth come out. If you’re curious, here’s some information you may find useful regarding pulling baby teeth.


The Best Way to Brush Your Child’s Teeth

May 4, 2023

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child brushing their teeth with their parent

If you’re a parent to a toddler, you may be starting to think more carefully about the quality of their oral health. As their baby teeth start to come in, oral hygiene and visits to the dentist become increasingly important.

Eventually, you’ll have to cross a fairly large hurdle—starting to brush your child’s teeth. Getting a rowdy toddler to sit still for two minutes at a time can sound like a tall order, but it’s definitely doable. Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to make brushing your child’s teeth as easy as possible.


Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Children?

March 13, 2023

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child undergoing dental sedation

Dental sedation is commonly used to alleviate dental anxiety and discomfort during lengthy procedures, for additional pain relief, or for patients with sensitive gag reflexes. While it is typically used for adults, parents may wonder if sedation dentistry is a safe option for their children. Keep reading as we discuss the safety and benefits of sedation dentistry for children, offering insight into how it can help them feel more comfortable during their dental visits.


5 Signs That Your Little One Might Need a Frenectomy

February 10, 2023

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Dentist examining child’s mouth; signs of tongue-tie

The tongue, upper lip, and lower lip all have a small piece of tissue known as a frenulum that prevents them from moving too far. Sometimes, a child might have a frenulum that’s too tight, leading to tongue-tie or lip-tie. These conditions can be treated with a frenectomy, but how will you know that the procedure is even necessary in the first place? Here are 5 warning signs you can look out for.


Will a Pacifier Affect Your Baby’s Teeth?

January 18, 2023

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    A baby sucking a pacifier

    As a parent, you might think pacifiers are lifesavers. After all, they make babies quiet, sleep, and otherwise manageable. Still, the truth is that a pacifier can harm how your baby’s teeth develop. You should thus use the item responsibly to avoid future issues. Luckily enough, your local Papillion dentist can give you the facts to do so. Here is a summary of how pacifiers can harm infant oral health and tips for using them well.


    4 Great Dentistry Toys for Kids

    January 11, 2023

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    Fun toys for kids

    As you might know, some toys entertain and educate. In other words, these kinds deliver a fun experience even as they teach crucial ideas! However, were you aware that dentistry toys are a good example? Indeed, such playthings help kids learn about oral health. Let your local Papillion dentist give you the scoop if you want more details. Here is a summary of four dental-themed toys that offer lessons on teeth and gums.

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