Royal Recovery: Helping Kids Bounce Back After Getting a Dental Crown

March 15, 2024

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Child patient smiling with their dental crown

Dental crowns are a royal treatment for tiny teeth, protecting and strengthening them after damage or decay. But what happens after your child receives one? The recovery process is crucial for ensuring their comfort and the longevity of the crown. If you want to ensure that your little highness bounces back with ease, continue reading. You’ll find expert tips for helping them get back to smiling in no time!

1. Use Gentle Oral Care

After getting a dental crown, it’s important to keep up gentle oral hygiene practices. Encourage your child to brush their teeth carefully, paying extra attention to the area around the crown. Make sure they use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritating their sensitive gums.

2. Offer Pain Management Help

It’s normal for children to experience some discomfort after getting a dental crown. Over-the-counter pain relievers recommended by your dentist can help reduce any soreness. Make sure to follow the dosage instructions carefully and consult your dentist if the pain continues or worsens after two to three days.

3. Watch Their Diet

While your child’s mouth may be sensitive after receiving a dental crown, they should still have a balanced diet. Soft foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, or smoothies will be gentle on their teeth while providing essential vitamins and minerals. If you give them a treat, try to make something that isn’t too crunchy, sticky, or chewy. These kinds of food could hurt or dislodge the crown as it sets.

4. Encourage Rest and Relaxation

After dental treatment, your child may need some extra rest to recover fully. Encourage them to take it easy and avoid vigorous activities with high potential for falling. A day of relaxation can go a long way in promoting a smooth recovery!

5. Watch Out for Complications

Lastly, keep an eye on your child’s mouth in the days following the crown placement. Watch for any signs of swelling, redness, or irritation around the gums. If you notice anything unusual or if your child complains of severe or nagging pain after a few days, contact your dentist. While complications with dental crowns are rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

By following these tips and providing support during the recovery period, you can help your child transition smoothly after getting a dental crown. If you have any questions and concerns about your child’s recovery, reach out to their dentist. They’ll be more than happy to help ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and bright.

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Dr. Bryce Cushing is a bright and friendly pediatric dentist with extensive experience in helping children and teens achieve better smiles. He earned his dental doctorate from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. Afterward, he completed his pediatric residency at University of Florida College of Dentistry, a top five nationally recognized program. Call (402) 773-7873 to schedule an appointment for your child at Surf’s Up Pediatric Dentistry or visit the website to dive deep into the other services they offer!

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