Will a Chipped Tooth Heal?

January 3, 2024

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Young girl with dental painAccidents can happen with no warning. A fun day at the park or enjoying a crunchy snack can lead to a chipped tooth. If your little one breaks a tooth, don’t panic! Even if the damage seems minor and your child isn’t in any pain, it’s still a dental emergency. Their tooth won’t grow back and they can be at risk of serious complications without prompt treatment from a pediatric dentist. Here’s what you can expect when fixing a chipped tooth.

Enamel Won’t Grow Back

Your child’s enamel is the hardest substance in their body. It’s even stronger than some metals, but it can’t regenerate like other tissues. At most, it can remineralize, but its strength, function, and health can remain compromised. The tooth will be vulnerable to sensitivity, bacteria, infractions, and additional damage. It’s best to contact an emergency pediatric dentist for an appointment. 

Even Baby Teeth Need to Be Treated

Baby teeth are only in place for a few years before they fall out and are replaced by your child’s permanent set. However, they are invaluable to your little one’s health and development. Even if it’s a baby tooth, it’s important to have it examined by a dentist. They’ll create a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best outcome for your child’s dental health and development.

Fixing a Chipped Tooth

Minor chips can be repaired with dental bonding. It’s a quick, minimally invasive procedure that uses a composite resin. It’s shaded to the color of your child’s enamel to blend in with the tooth. 

Large breaks or fractures might require a dental crown to treat. The protective cap will cover the entire surface of their tooth above the gum line. Their dentist will explain which treatment will best meet their needs.

How to Keep Your Child Comfortable

While you wait for your child’s dental appointment, you can keep them comfortable using an age-appropriate over-the-counter pain reliever. Offer soft foods and encourage your little one to chew on the opposite side of their mouth. Avoid any hot or cold foods and drinks to prevent tooth sensitivity. 

Be sure your little one continues to brush and floss their teeth normally. If they are old enough to gargle, a salt water rinse will keep their mouth clean while reducing pain and inflammation. 

Their pediatric dentist will get them into the office quickly and address any pain. They’ll perform a visual examination and review X-rays to create a treatment strategy to save their tooth.

About Dr. Bryce Cushing

Dr. Cushing earned his dental degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry and has completed a pediatric residency at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. He has over 15 years of experience providing compassionate dental care for children. Dr. Cushing is a proud member of several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Contact his office at (402) 922-8832 to schedule an appointment.

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